If you use this web service, please cite:
The Ocean Gene Atlas: exploring the biogeography of plankton genes online. E. Villar, T. Vannier, C. Vernette, M. Lescot, M. Cuenca, A. Alexandre, P. Bachelerie, T. Rosnet, E. Pelletier, S. Sunagawa, P. Hingamp. (2018) Nucleic Acids Research.
Link to paper: doi: 10.1093/nar/gky376

This online ecogenomics tool is designed and developed by E. Villar (SBR), T. Vannier (MIO), C. Vernette (MIO), M. Lescot (MIO), M. Cuenca (ETH), E. Pelletier (Genoscope), S. Sunagawa (ETH), P. Hingamp. (MIO).

The initial prototype was developed by three BBSG Masters graduate students: Paul Bachelerie, Aurélien Alexandre & Thomas Rosnet as part of a programming course supervised by lecturer N. Terrapon and L. Tichit.

This work was supported by a grant from the French government "Investissements d'Avenir" project OCEANOMICS (ANR-11-BTBR-0008). EV was funded by the project IMPEKAB ANR-15-CE02-0011.

SS is supported by ETH Zurich and the Helmut Horten Foundation. The project leading to this publication has received funding from European FEDER Fund under project 1166-39417. This article is contribution number 75 of the Tara Oceans expedition.

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